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Vikings play Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Ty Francis has been made a Patron of the Pembrokeshire Vikings Mixed Abilty Rugby team, the team that he is sponsoring alongside Dom Barrett and the New York Welsh #diaspora organization.

Here we see Luca here enjoying the game when the Vikings played the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service #MixedAbility provision.

Mixed Ability Rugby is an #inclusivesport, where players of all abilities can train from age 16 and participate in games from the age of 18.

Mixed Ability Rugby accommodates a range of disabilities including, but not limited to:

Learning disabilities

Heart conditions

Downs Syndrome

Physical disabilities, such as amputees, and,

Sensory Impairments, such as hearing or visual.

More info on the Pembrokeshire Vikings - and more info on my organization that helps fund mixed ability teams and girls football and rugby -

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